Friday Coffee Rambling

So, I did a reading for a friend today and she allowed me to upload it to IGTV and that got me thinking. It was fun and quick, so I added a third (limited) option to my Tarot menu, which is a little more budget friendly than my other readings. I’m not sure how well it’ll go over with the clients but I enjoyed doing it. It’s limited because I can really only schedule one or two during my morning coffee and only Monday to Friday. The weekends are wife time because that’s when she’s home.

My day started off on such the right foot when I flicked on the Keurig and went about my business while my coffee poured. I was listening to it and thought, “Well that’s not the right noise” and turned around just in time to watch the first stream travel across the counter and begin to flow in a beautiful coffee free fall that shimmered in the lovely morning sunrise as it beat a puddle onto my kitchen floor. I had neglected to put the drip tray back after cleaning it last night, and I put my coffee mug under the spout UPSIDE DOWN.

The cats simply sat there and regarded the whole thing with that mixture of pity and loathing that they have reserved just for me.

It’s Friday night and here in the Utica area that means Friday Fish Fry. I miss those halcyon reckless days before the pandemic, when half the city would go to one of the many places that serve fish on Fridays. My favourite place to go is “The PCC” or Polish Community Club. The bartender will keep a record of all the Polish beers you drink. When you’ve had one of each of 36 varieties you get a t-shirt. I was almost halfway there before the pandemic hit. Don’t judge me, it’s the little things.

I’ll see if my sister in law wants to go get some take out fish fry. It’s not quite the same as being at the PCC surrounded by little old ladies speaking Polish, but it is what it is.

I’m going to have to revise my social media diet. Things are picking up for readings and that means using IG. So I’ll have to exempt my Tarot account from it.

And the compromises begin. HA!

Im reading “Numerology And Your Future” by Dusty Bunker. It’s the 2nd edition. I have the first one from 1979. It’s great to see how she’s changed her reading style. My head is buzzing with ways that I can work some of this into my core charts for clients.

Normally MDK is too cool for the room but today he has been stuck to my leg, quite literally, and full of purrs. I am suspicious.

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  1. Omg the coffee…I have done that so many times!
    I love the idea of a budget friendly reading, I shall investigate!❤️
    I hope the chips were good. I made freezer fodder of spicy wedges and chicken gougons last night. Kids are busy Friday evening so we have quick and easy food!

  2. i hope you get your t-shirt soon 😉 i miss those little, normal things so much. and the coffee thing? you are not alone on that. take some deep breaths this weekend.

  3. You are such a brilliant writer, Nicole. <3

    Also, this line is Sybil: “The cats simply sat there and regarded the whole thing with that mixture of pity and loathing that they have reserved just for me.”

  4. I’ve never been to a fish fry. But I have been to other things where the Polish ladies cooked amazing food that reminded me of my grandmother and my childhood. I sometimes miss the sound of the Polish language even if I never learned it. When I do come across someone by chance speaking, I just have to stop and listen for awhile. Even if it leaves me longing for things long gone.

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