What needs to be released to unburden my soul?

Old age and treachery will always outmaneuver youth and exuberance!

6 Petro (6 of Wands) Legba La Flambeau

Legba La Flambeau as the new sun rises and lets his light shine. He is old because every “new sun” or “new day dawning” is the product of a natural process old beyond reckoning. He still revels in the newness of each day, as old as he is, not weighed down by any knowledge of future consequences. He’s shining bright in that moment.

As the new sun, he’s put down his cane. He looks like a scheming bugger, grinning and holding up a gift of light. There’s always a catch, right? His light contains within it the disruptive power of The Courir Le Mardi Gras/The Devil 15=1+5=6. But it also contains everything else. In this moment it’s just a gift of light.

There is no musterbating here. Only an offering. In the contemplation for this card Louis Martinié writes, “Touch the newness in your soul that has never known defeat. The newness that has never strayed from its original purpose.”

The musterbating, the incessant need to corral the energy this way or that way and the disappoint that arises when it doesn’t go to plan is what needs to be released. Moon in Capricorn, Mercury in Aries, Mars in Taurus. There goes a Level 99 Musterbator if ever there was one!

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