I’ve been diddling on downsizing

The daily Tarot post for April is up, but I thought I’d share something else with those of you in Blog Along With Effy. Life is not all being chastised by my Tarot deck. There is social media and building a presence to agonize over, too! 😁

So I have three Instagram accounts. Three blogs. One Facebook with a personal account plus a Tarot page, an art page, and a crochet page. I hate it. Nothing really gets my full attention.

And now people are telling me I should start making TikToks. And YouTube videos. Sweet thundering Jesus – what colour is the moon on their planet?

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If I combined all the blogs, it would be so much easier for me but I’m paralyzed to do it. My blogs are: crocheted socks, Tunisian crochet, and here. I’ve noticed on Instagram that whenever I posted about Tarot, I lost crochet followers. And the followers on my crochet blogs do not like anything but crochet. So I made a Tarot account. Then I got right back into art. As my Tarot account became an art account, I opened up another Tarot account. Ye gods. Oh ye gods.

I don’t think I can combine Instagram accounts but I know I can combine Facebook pages. I’m tempted to hit that GO FOR IT button on my dashboard. I also know that I can import my other blogs into this one and throw some redirect plugins on them. In fact, I started doing that and stopped a couple of months ago. I don’t even remember why I stopped but I’m pretty sure my Capricorn moon had a very long List of Important Reasons Why This Shall Not Happen.

So why am I not doing that?

geralt via Pixabay

And then there’s the urge to kill my Facebook pages entirely. My art page has two whole likes and I really don’t care to build it up. My Tarot page has over two hundred but no one engages. I’m not sure how I showed up to these people as a page to like but I did and they liked me and that’s that. Never to be engaged with again lol. It’s like making out in the parking lot with a stranger and then heading back into the bar alone for more shots.

I have a MeWe account that gathers dust because everyone bitches about Facebook, but let’s be honest; none of us are ever going to leave.

I remind myself that I no longer earn a living from any of this, so does it really matter? Then I remind myself that I’d like to earn a living from it again so yes, it does matter.

Then I look back at the cards I’ve pulled the last few days during this Tarot challenge and I feel like saying, “F*ck you Tarot, f*ck you for being so right.”

I think I’ll just head out to the backyard with my beer for a little after dark primal screaming. 😁

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  1. LOL!! I feel your pain, and yes, we are all complaining about facebook, but here we still are, blogging along with Effy. I do sometimes feel a bit overwhelmed with the many social demands, blog, fb, art pages, writing pages, instagram etc etc. Fortunately I am just to bloody old to even worry about TikTok and whatever else is moving around that I can’t even spell. Keep working on your pages, keep pulling your tarots and keep plugging away at that dream.

  2. I agree that we should all be honest about never leaving Facebook! Similarly to you I have two blogs and three Instagram accounts. I have also flirted with the idea of merging my IG accounts, but I know not everyone from the one I close will follow the other so I nixed that idea. One is really more business oriented, and the other is casual. It seems to work. I did however combine my Facebook pages into one. Since no one really engages that’s fine. LOL

  3. Keeping up with the socials can seem so intimidating. I’ve learned to only take on what I’m willing to work at. For me, it’s IG, FB, and my blog. I cannot commit to more.

    1. I’m thinking that the world won’t end if I let a few places online get dusty.

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