Fun With Numbers – The Year You Were Born!

Everything in numerology revolves around the number 9 and 9-year cycles. Numbers that are not personal to you are called universal numbers. They apply to everyone. Most people who are into numerology have an idea of what their core numbers are: Life Path, Expression, Heart, and so on. It’s important to remember that we have other numbers lurking in the background, beneath the surface. These universal vibrations that get used in calculations influence what we see and know about our charts, helping to create our own personal algorithm.

Let’s look at your birth year. You share it with everyone born in that year. Numerology has universal long-term cycles of nine years. Reducing your year of birth shows you where in that universal cycle you were born, but it also shows you what background qualities you share with others the same age or those born nine years apart or multiples of nine years.

If you do know your chart, then you can check to see if these underlying qualities are emphasizing what is already visible or if they are waiting in the wings to be brought out into the light.

Add the numbers in your year of birth. Reduce this sum to a single digit. I was born in 1972:

1 + 9+ 7 + 2 = 19   1 + 9 = 10   1 + 0 = 1

I was born at the beginning of a 9-year cycle. I work with compound numbers so I would actually write this as 19/1. This is a fortunate number, but I’ll get into that another time.

Even if you don’t particularly feel that you have the qualities of your year of birth, you do have them within you along with everyone else born that year. This isn’t a core number, it’s a background energy so it may not feel as accessible as the energy in a placement such as your Life Path or Expression, but it is there for you to use.

1: You carry a leadership and innovation vibration. Even if you don’t feel like a motivator, a great starter, a leader, or a particularly assertive individual, you do indeed have that energy to draw upon.

2: You carry a nurturing and compassionate vibration within you. You also have patience to draw on and the ability to trust the process when you can not see.

3: You carry a communicative vibration within you. The ability to ferret out clues, network, be a great salesman or marketer, and a magnetic force that draws a crowd – it’s in there! Some of you may have to work hard to pull it out, but I promise, it’s part of your personal algorithm.

4: You carry within you the ability to create order from chaos. If your year of birth reduces to 4 then you and everyone else born in that year have hard-working, practical, grounded energy to draw upon.

5: Within your year of birth is an insatiable curiosity and desire to know all the things. There is a draw towards the new and exciting, and to cutting loose and getting into mischief. So if you need to lighten up, you have this energy to draw upon.

6: A love of beauty, luxury, and the finer things exists within the vibration of your birth year. You also carry within you a background vibration connected to responsibility and service to family and friends.

7: You carry a discerning and discriminating vibration within your algorithm. If you cultivate it, you will fine-tune your bullshit detector.

8: Everyone born in your birth year carries a desire for power, success, and authority. So if you think you don’t have the moxie to go after something and your year of birth reduces to 8 – think again. You do indeed have the backbone required to get the job done.

9: Your birth year contains a go-getter vibe that wants to save everyone from all the things. A caped crusader who stands up for the little guy lives within everyone born the same year as you.










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