The High Priestess People

This is a person who is highly intuitive and psychic. High Priestess people have an inner knowing about things, but don’t offer up their knowledge voluntarily.  They have the ability to relate well with others and form deep connections. Their boundaries tend to be flexible and they are open to receiving new information. Heart centred, … [Read more…]

The Magician People

Magician people are intellectual and analytical. They are solution finders and tenacious in their quest for knowledge. They are discriminating in that they express boundaries. These folks are factual individuals who are more than willing to dispel myths.  Magician people can see the big picture. They are good at connecting the dots with events. This … [Read more…]

Colorado Shawl

Colorado Shawl – Tunisian entrelac lace using Brown Sheep Company yarn.   I made this shawl on a roadtrip through Colorado a few months ago during an autumn roadtrip through the Rockies and Black Hills. The mountain greenery was starting to change colour and I wanted to make something that reflected what I was seeing … [Read more…]

Working in the round

My favourite way to construct things is in the round. I hate sewing with the blazing passion of a thousand flaming suns. Seriously, if give the choice between sewing pieces of stuff together vs cleaning out the little space between the oven and the counter – with a toothbrush, no less – I’d be in … [Read more…]