Sunday morning rambling: what we have right now….it’s new, and it can go POOF at any time

A few weeks ago Witchfoot at TikTok made a video that I stitched. Whether you like her or not, and I know she’s a polarizing figure where idealistic witches are concerned, she made some valid points. Here is my stitch. If you have TikTok you can see her original.

Now I talk about my experiences in my stitch, but it’s about realizations within the pagan community, not as a result of anyone from outside the community reporting me and my beliefs to the authorities.

It’s important to remember that not everyone is your friend. They can have green hair, tattoos, and a thousand piercings, be vegan and describe themselves as a pronoun-positive neurodiverse eclectic witch that worships Greek and Celtic deities, and leans heavily on the whateverist tradition whilst simultaneously uplifting POC voices, and they can still be a miserable bastard that reports you to child services for using runes in front of your kid because maybe they’re “hate symbols” according to the virtue-signaling Chapter Three Mages on social media. Got that? The devils are in the walls. I know they’re outside the walls, too, and getting ready to cross the moat, but there’s a sizable crew already in the castle. I keep a lot of the pagan community at arms length because after studying Malcom X in university many decades ago, his words of wisdom regarding white liberal allies prove correct over and over again.

Uncle Birch, also on TikTok, made a much longer video. He talks openly about these things, too.

It bears mentioning to my fellow Canadians that astrology etc was only taken off the legal books at home in 2017.

I remind everyone this because young people especially seem to think that the level of openness and in your faceness that we have right now is somehow etched in stone. It is not. Mostly I remind myself of this because I don’t think anyone reads this blog anymore. If you do stumble across it, welcome.

“All of this” can be taken away at any time. Right now there are political hopefuls in the USA where I currently reside, building platforms that focus on having LGBT members charged with treason for being ourselves, so we can be legally executed.

At the same time, abortion legislation has already been handed back to the individual states. I am aware that this is constitutional but I am also aware of the women with ectopic pregnancies who can’t get help in their home states even though that type of pregnancy is fatal. I’m also aware of the woman from Louisiana who is carrying a baby without most of its head. She’ll be forced into staying pregnant to deliver a child that will die within minutes of being born. Or the minors who have been raped by mostly family members, being forced to carry to term. How is this better?

Up in Canada, my home country, there is a rise in populism. I don’t know why people are shocked. After being on lockdown for the better part of two years with all that encompasses, it’s bound to leave a mark on society. At the same time laws are being passed to censure access to information on the internet and social media under the guise of “Canadian content”….from a liberal government, folks. Imagine if a really conservative government gets voted in.

What does this have to do with giving readings? Everything. All at once, different communities are being targeted. People are divided by issues that were created specifically to divide them. Now we’re so busy policing each other for language, cultural appropriation, and a bunch of other things that weren’t big hot issues just a few years ago so we don’t notice what’s going on.

People blame “The Jews”. Or “It’s all those Muslims”. Or “Why are so many immigrants coming”. Or “It’s the gays. They’re grooming people.”

Folks, 99% of the media in North America is owned by the LDS. The Church of Latter Day Saints. The MORMONS. Mormons are deciding what news gets published and what music is on the radio. They control your television viewing. They quietly finance anti LGBT groups and at the same time they quietly finance the extreme leftist points of view. Wondering why there are social issues that have people whippped up that didn’t exist a few years ago? Talk to the Mormons the next time they knock on your door. They have been in the background quietly buying up newspapers, televisions stations, radio stations, news networks, and property. And these media networks are both right and left leaning. They create a problem and then then they guide the response. Follow the pyramid of media ownership. It’s hidden in plain sight. Folks, you are being played. The Christian colonizers didn’t leave, they just got sneakier and better looking.

They have also been buying property. Lots of property.

I don’t know why I’m writing this. Mostly I’m just rambling. Periodically I, too, get sucked back into The Matrix and I start to forget that this is all real. Having this here is a selfish reminder to myself that I need to stay vigilant.

Anyway, the coffee is done so it is time to do the things.

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