Saturday coffee rambling

My wife comes home tonight. I half thought she’d be home yesterday evening but everyone is working today. So last night, a friend of ours, Griselda, came by the house unexpectedly. Really unexpectedly. Griselda has not left her house since the pandemic started. Well, that may be a slight exaggeration but not totally. She left … [Read more…]

Friday Coffee Rambling

So, I did a reading for a friend today and she allowed me to upload it to IGTV and that got me thinking. It was fun and quick, so I added a third (limited) option to my Tarot menu, which is a little more budget friendly than my other readings. I’m not sure how well … [Read more…]

Wednesday Coffee Rambling

I made a batch of breakfast cookies last night but I changed the recipe again. I feel like this won’t be a permanent change because last night’s version, while still gluten free, was not vegan. I used butter and eggs in it, and toyed with the dry ingredients. I just wanted to see how it would … [Read more…]