Where do I need to speak up?

Rada La Place (Knight/Prince of Swords) La place is the understudy of the houngan. He is a master of ceremonies who is learning to lead the congregation. Much of the time it is his job to oversee the details of rituals and to foresee problems before they occur. He is the element of air, his … [Read more…]

Tuesday Coffee Rambling

I got up, fed the kitties, and went back to bed “for thirty minutes”. I woke up two hours later. The allergy protocol I’m on can make me VERY DOZEY. I don’t always get like this but every now and then that night time Benadryl hits HARD. I’m waiting to find out if insurance will … [Read more…]

Which dream do I need to rekindle?

6 Petro (6 of Wands) expressed through 4 Santeria (4 of Pentacles) Ye gods, Legba La Flambeau is back. It’s like he’s saying “You can’t get rid of me….” He is expressed through Obatala. Obatala is an orisha of Santeria. The creators of this deck assigned all things earth to Santeria as recognition of its … [Read more…]